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The Best Speargun and Spearfishing! A Full Guide!

Spearguns are in use since decades. They are hunting implements used under water. The condition below water is starkly different from land when it comes to hunting. Therefore, these instruments are specially designed to cope up with underwater conditions. Your choice of spearguns always depends upon the type of fish you are planning to hunt. If you want to go for small ones in shallow depths, the normal spearguns will work for you. But if you are after the big ones in deep and open oceans, you need special and best speargun for your purpose. The other factors like your diving skills, you fishing manners etc. also play an important part in this fishing game. Here in this narrative, we will talk about some spearguns. In addition to this, we will be talking about their types, pros, and cons and a lot more.

Basic Types of Spearguns Dominating the Market

1)    Pneumatic Spearguns

Today, these are not popular in all parts of the world but some parts of the world still stick to them. The big reason for this is they are very powerful. They present minimum recoil and are very capable of presenting long shots. The strength of the guns can be altered depending upon the amount of air pumped in it. Also, its power depends on the strength of the hunter. These types of guns are further classified into two types. One gun is with ‘high-low’ power actuators and others without it. These guns offer very deep penetration into the body of target fish. The small guns take less time to load but the larger ones take time for the same purpose. The loader is needed to load large as well as small ones. The major disadvantage of these devices is they produce a lot of noise when fired. This is in case of Pneumatic Spearguns This makes the other fishes in the surrounding areas go away.

2)    American-Style Spearguns

Spearguns are actually the American invention. Majority of people involved in fishing activities actually call American-style spearguns as best spearguns to solve their purpose. This type of spearguns is designed to hunt large fishes. These are perfectly balanced as well. They make use of thick shafts so that it becomes easy to cater to the double barbed spear tips. The spearguns consist of multiple load bands and use the highest quality of wood and stainless steel. The only flip-side of this device is that it is a bit heavy than the other guns in the arena.

3)    Euro Gun

For hunting smaller fishes, the Euro Guns are the ideal choice. Highly maneuverable, silent and very easy to load, are some top qualities of this equipment. The demerit of this gun is that the shaft size is little larger than usual. Also, it is just not a good choice if you are targeting a large fish. You have to bend the gun if your target is even little larger than normally sized fishes.

Things You Need To Know About Spearguns’ Material

Why Metal Spearguns?

Most of the spearguns today are made of metal. The main component used in this arena is aluminum. This ensures that weapon does not become heavy. The metal guns have the widest range of choice. This is because all the latest spearguns are made of metal only. Whether you go for JBL, Mare or any brand, the best guns they will have are of metal only.

However, there are some disadvantages that are associated with these guns when they are used underwater. The major thing is that they clink and clank a lot. That means when two of them touch each other, their sounds are loud enough to make your prey aware of the danger. Therefore, if you are fishing in the group you have to make sure that your guns do not touch each other.

Why Wooden Spearguns?

These guns are costly. This is because they are made using the best wood and these have the artistic touch as well. These are mostly used outside Europe. You can find the extremely cheap priced ones at Walmarts in the United States. On the other hand, there are craftsmen who make these guns. The spearguns which are made by craftsmen are heavily priced as they are useful weapons and a profound work of art.  These guns are really very strong and have the ability to mount many bands. These guns do not make noise and can be molded into different shapes. Moreover, these are the only spearguns which have a good and arty appearance.

What Is The Role Of The Length In Spearguns?

The longer the gun, the more power it will give you. The short gun gives you the ease of loading and unloading the gun. For beginners, it is always recommended to go for long speargun. This will obviously create the problem in loading and unloading for a rookie fisher but gives a good practice.

Below are listed and briefed some best spearguns that are highly popular today. These are mixed varieties of spearguns. You can choose your Speargun according to your needs.

1)    Cressi Spearfishing Apache Speargun

The length of this gun varies from 14 to 30 inches and it consists of a single band. The gun is ideal for shooting small fishes in the shallow depths. The design of the gun comes under the Titanium Style. If you are just starting fishing under water, this gun will cater to all your basic needs. Even hunters who hunt bigger fishes also bring this one with them as their second gun. The instrument works on single band mechanism with an easy loading and a closed muzzle. It has the capability of upgrading the sling to more power as the shaft has two different notches each having different intensity of power. The gun has single flopper which is great for reef fishing. The device is corrosion resistance as the barrel of the gun is made of aluminum.

2)    Comanche By Cressi

This was a speargun which was once known as the champion of all spearguns a few years ago.  The product offers lots of safety and production. Being the Cressi product, it has special tubes of aluminum which ensures the non-existence of corrosion.  The other materials used in the manufacturing of the product are thermoplastic and stainless-steel. The use of thermoplastic ensures that the product is strong and will work for a long time without any deformation.  The shaft is smooth and is purely made up of stainless steel. This gun is the best choice for fishing in rivers and for averagely sized sea creatures.

3)    JBL Magnum 38 Special Double Sling Speargun

Having 36 inches in length, this gun consists of double bands.  The twin spinner rock point of the weapon makes it a perfect choice for spearfishing for small to medium-sized prey. This aluminum model guarantees the corrosion free weapon.  It consists of Hi-Mod bands and is easy to handle. The shots are extremely powerful and the reach of the gun is substantially long. One correct shot and your prey just cannot escape. The barrel Is constructed by using drawn aluminum alloy and the shaft is made up of stainless steel of the device. It is known as one of the best spearguns for accurate target hunting underwater. The extension is long enough to provide easy loading and reloading. The twin spinner helps to penetrate any fish. The durability is long and the device can be used both for beginners and experienced fishers. The device works best in rock water surroundings where the level of the water is not too deep.

4)    Mares Sten Speargun

This Speargun is so confident in its abilities that it comes with a warranty period of a year. No matter where you buy it.  The grip of the gun is awesome. It will just not slip out of your hands. The long shaft helps to use a large range of spears and brings you the best catch. The other top feature of the weapon is it has a shock absorbing technology. This means that it can suit beginners as well. The tip is double barbed and it helps in catching the prey and does not let it go anywhere.

5) Beuchat Arka Competetion Speargun

The speargun is uktra durable and lightweight. These two qualities make this speargun one of the best speafguns in the field. The compact performance of the gun is also an attractive auality of the product. The stainleel trigger is responsible for the shining appearance of the device. The automatic release function is another alluring quality which makes the gun easy to use. The gun is long lasting and with experience it has the capability to cater to all the spearfishing needs.

6) AB Biller Wood Mahogany Special Speargun

The range of this speargun is very high. It will catch your prey from distance. Its reach is few yards more than the other spearguns in the field. The polyurethane material of this speargun makes it most suitable for the salty environment of the ocean. Moreover, it has three layers of polyurethane for extra protection. The tip of the gun is 6mm long which gives ease of making a target. From medium to large, you can use this awesome gun for differently sized preys.

7) Mares Pure Instinct Cyrano Evo

This is one of the best pneumatic spearguns with superior speed and precision.  This is also called the major evolution in the pneumatic speargun’s field. The new thing in this product is that it has a concave handle which offers better grip. The release mechanism has also been improved as it now allows better touch and sensitivity. The space between trigger and a handle is made in a way that you can easily customize it according to your comfort. A major change or addition in this speargun is that it now uses hydroforming technology. Due to this, it has now 20% increase in the volume. Also, it has better buoyancy.

8) Hammerhead Proteus Speargun

It is actually tailor-made for beginners. In the world of spearguns, there are very few which are actually suitable for beginners and hammerhead Proteus is one of them.  The price of the gun is affordable and is very helpful to hone and practice the spearfishing skills. The top thing about the product is the closed muzzle and effective X-change band. This design has made the loading and unloading of the speargun convenient. It consists of a single flopper shaft and therefore, one can use different spears according to the situations.  The handle is reel ready which is also convenient for the people who are just on the learning stage of spearfishing. The accuracy is really impressive. You will learn the art quickly by using this speargun as a beginner.

9) AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional Speargun

As its name suggests, this speargun is for the professionals and not at all for newbies.  The accuracy and the precision of the product are more than impressive. It is just amazing! The speargun is tough and this quality facilitates in aiming the shot which in turn makes the precision better. The ergonomic grip provides the firm gripping. The product is robust and thus ensures the usability for long run. It is made of high-end stainless steel and has double barbs. The performance of the product is very good for longer shots. The design facilitates both the left and right hand users.

10) Cressi Apache Lion-Fish Speargun

This product is called the best speargun for people searching for the budget-friendly tool. The tool is fine for the starting players but is also used by the professionals for their own advantage. This fish is the top choice for hunters for second hunting of the big prey. This is because of the strong power and the best shot it offers. It consists of a single flopper. Therefore, the best use of this speargun can be made in the realm of reef-fishing. The tool also comes with line drop and safety components. This is helpful for the beginners.  The product uses the anodized aluminum barrel and so there are no complaints or even the signs of corrosions.  Also, the speargun has low-maintenance which makes it ideal for beginners and rough use.

Beginner’s Guide for Spearfishing

If you love the underwater world and you are just starting spearfishing, you need to learn a lot. Spearfishing is such an interesting activity that is it fully has the capability to become obsession. Many people have left their careers and have wanted on to become full time spearfishers. For them, discovering the sea is everything. So, here is some piece of advice that you can take from experienced players in the realm of spear fishing. These are basically about the things you will need.

Have Your Kit

As you are just a rookie, first and foremost you should have a spearfishing kit. This kit includes the necessary things which you need underwater. The tool kit will help you to catch prey and will also help you to avoid any mishaps. Buy the kit from known and reputed company only.

Correct Gear and Mask

To enjoy the experience to the fullest, it is compulsory to have a correct gear. So have the perfect snorkeling gear. Cpming on to the mask, try a many as you can. The underwater mask is all about comfort. Once you go in the water, you will experience what a helpful piece is the mask is. It will give you protection from small particles and hard water of the sea. If your mask is not comfortable, then this is a big problem. Would you like to struggle keeping your mask on correct point while you spearfish? Of course not! Therefore, the fit is extremely important. Choose your mask wisely. The best trick to fix the mask is to try it without having the strap on. If it fits then it is correct, if it does not then it is just not fit for you, simple!

The other thing to keep in mind regarding your mask is that it should be made 100% of silicon. Any adulteration and you are in trouble. Also, shave very properly before you wear your mask and go on wth your activity. You will suffer the water and other problems if your blokes on chin will be present.

You’re Wetsuits

Your wetsuits are the most important thing in your spearfishing ball game. Lots and lots of things are to be kept in mind before you buy one. Here, we will try to give you the most important knowledge about them. You have to buy the wetsuit that is free from any kind of zips. Also, wetsuit has open cell and a hood attached to it. Open cell ensures that there is no nylon covering attached and you have the neoprence covering your skin. This is very comfortable and warm. The temperature inside water is cool and this wetsuit will provide warm and comfortable temperature to your body.  Each company has different fits. Choose wisely keeping the above mentioned important points in mind.


Just make sure that these fins are if your size. The foot pockets should fit you very well. The feet swell a little bit when they are in contact with water. So always choose a little lose than little tighter ones. The blades of the fin should always match your weight. Moreover, these are worn over neoprene socks. So try properly before buying.

Precautions For While Spearfishing

1)    Never Ever Dive Alone

Do not ever think that you have the best speargun and this is going to make you safe from every possible danger. Rookies have enthusiasm and due to this they try the spearfishing alone. This is the biggest mistake of their life that they commit! Though it is not possible to dive into the group every time, it is advised to always have a partner while you dive. Having a partner ensures that you have high chances of survival if something unexpected happens inside the ocean. Please keep in mind that having a partner does not only mean that you should enter and leave the water together. It is far more than that. You and your partner should always be visible to each other and stay together during the whole activity.

2)    Help Your Partner If He Falls Unconscious

Not many know but it sometimes happens that people suffer blackouts in the sea. This is another reason why it is a big no-no to dive alone. If you have a partner then he can at least bring you out of the water in such situations. There is a training that is done before you actually go for spearfishing. Every diver does not necessarily take it but it is very helpful. Below are some of the points that the training covers.

  • What to do if a partner feels unconscious?
  • How to treat the underwater injury?
  • How to treat an angry fish?
  • How to quickly get on the surface?

3)    Follow the Rules of Good Dive Buddy

There are some rules to be followed to be a good dive buddy. Following these rules help divers to ensure the safety of one another. Two of them are bridge below.

Always give an okay sign just after entering the water and when you come out of the water. This ensures that your partner is in a comfortable state and there is no problem. If at any place you see your partner in a ceased position, immediately take him out of the water.

Always keep your partner in sight. Do not ever go far or in different directions. Remaining visible to each other ensures the safety of the divers. If in case your partner goes out of sight, quickly start the search with the underwater torch.

4)    Set the Time Limits

Even if you have the best equipment for remaining long underwater then also you should set time limits. Say for two minutes! You should come to the surface of the water after those decided inures. This is important as people on the boat on the surface will always be assured of your safety. If your partner cannot see you underwater, then he can go and ask the members on the boat whether the other one came on the surface or not. This is very helpful.


It is a necessity to have the best speargun for this activity. You are going down for fishing and if you cannot do that, then there is no point. The gun will make your whole experience best as it is going to get you a dinner on your table. There are different types of spearguns which are designed for different fishes. You have some for small prey, some for medium and some for large ones. Some of the best spearguns are briefed above. You can choose according to your needs. Beginners always start from hunting small-sized prey. That means you have to get a lightweight and medium-sized best speargun. Just make sure that you do a lot of practice of loading and unloading practice using it.

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